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January 08 2018

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I love you on paper. turned 8 today!

March 01 2017

golfwang88 replied to your post: I took a shower, and was brushing my teeth…

Take the phone apart and put in rice! Works a lot of the time

I have an appointment at the genius bar tomorrow, so I will just get it replaced. Luckily I paid for Applecare when I purchased it or I would be screwed. 

It works, I can text and stuff, but I can’t hear anything from the speakers on when on a call. 

February 26 2017









I just realised where Kylo got his name from:

Ky = sKYwalker

Lo = soLO

Ren = literally just his birth name with an R

which means that when he was choosing his super scary Dark Lord name, he just mashed up the surnames of the most positive figures in his life. poor sod can’t even evil right

literally a ‘what is your star wars name’ meme

2nd two letters of your mother’s last name
Last two letters of your father’s last name

1st three letters of your name but with an R

Tups Rar

Fucking kill me

Atll Ric

Arco Riz.

I like it.

Pili Llar

Lain Rea. 

Itez Ran

February 20 2017

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Animal Species Illustration Posters by Kelsey Oseid on Etsy

More like this

Because I am fat

I am only supposed to gain like 15 pounds during this pregnancy…

HOW?!?!?! I am literally hungry every second of every day. 

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Sleeping all day long

February 14 2017

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time to work

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Oh man, I totally forgot to post this here.

I am pregnant!!! Currently 9+ weeks! Last year I had two miscarriages and it was really rough. 

I took it as an opportunity to clear a lot of negativity from my life and from my facebook feed, lol. I had a handful of “friends” that I have been told over and over don’t actually like me.

While, I never got to the point that I was comfortable posting about my losses, I knew one day I would and I didn’t want people on my friends list who didn’t like me but were allowed to be a part of such a delicate and painful life experience. 

When I posted my pregnancy announcement I finally shared about my losses and most people didn’t acknowledge that part of the announcement (it was a longer post so people may not have read it fully), but a few people thanked me for sharing the small bit of my story that I posted. 

I am not in the clear. The chances of a miscarriage are pretty high while still in the first trimester. I am feeling really confident about this pregnancy though!

February 07 2017

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Hallowed be thy name.

February 02 2017

Just finished Gossip Girl

and as much as I think Dan as GG makes no damn sense…I didn’t hate the ending.


On to the next thing.

February 01 2017

I cannot wait for Gossip Girl to end

I pretty much hate every character at this point.

January 31 2017

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I got married!

I got married and I am so irrelevant it didn’t even get one like. lol.

Before getting married we took a picture of each other with the instax camera at breakfast. It was a lovely day…all except the actually getting married part which was annoying. 

The judge was a weirdo.

So, I have been watching Gossip Girl

And, I know that Dan ends up being Gossip Girl, but I just watched Season 5 Episode 18 and Serena is instant messaged from the real Gossip Girl…while Dan and Blair are having sex in an alley or something. 

I know, there are more serious things happening in real life…but Dan as Gossip Girl makes no sense.

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I don’t know what to say.

January 10 2017

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taking off a couple layers

December 03 2016

Its very weird to say “my husband”

I am so used to calling him my boyfriend. Every time I say something about him I think “My boyfriend” but I realize he isn’t my boyfriend anymore and I just say or type Carl instead. 

It is much easier I guess. My husband will because easier eventually.

I have taken two calls where I have to refer to myself as his wife because we just signed up for a storage unit in his name but with my number.

December 01 2016

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Rat Queens webcomic #2: Goodbye. A sombre Hannah tale. New comic every Wednesday! Written by Kurtis Wiebe, Illustrated by Isaac Goodhart.

For the night crowd.

November 30 2016

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I got married!

November 11 2016

ACA Enrollment





In light of what happened last night, I wanted to make sure everyone knows:

If you get your health coverage via the Affordable Care Act, and you enroll in a Qualifying Health Plan for 2017 by the end of the current Open Enrollment period (January 31, 2017), you will have coverage through the end of calendar year 2017. The GOP will probably prioritize repealing the Act, so who knows what happens for 2018, but there are laws in place which ensure that you’ll keep your 2017 coverage.

If your situation dictates, PLEASE make sure you’re enrolled in a QHP before the end of Open Enrollment. 

Update: In order to ensure you’e covered throughout 2017, make sure you’re enrolled by DECEMBER 15, 2016

get started with the process now bc if there are any complications you’ll want the time to take care of it

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